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I have received coaching from Lorna that was professional, focused and enabled me to achieve my goals but to also reflect on my future and aspirations, which helped to reinvigorate my career aspirations. As I was so impressed with my coaching with Lorna I decided to ask Lorna to undertake some work with my team as a whole, and to support me with creating a vision for the team but to also identify training needs. In addition staff received individual coaching, which made the team members feel valued, supported and nurtured their development. Lorna’s role has been valuable in supporting my development as well as that of the team.

Manny Sehmbi
Team Leader, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

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Today’s organisations face unprecedented change; they need to be agile and resilient to succeed in what has been described as a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), while increasing productivity and quality.

Teams are generally recognised as the essential building block of organisational capacity.

Teams have the ability to change the entire culture of an organisation. They can solve the most critical problems for organisations today.

And yet, research shows that building and leading teams is one of the biggest challenges for leaders and organisations.

The Art of Coaching works with public sector leaders and organisations to develop and improve team effectiveness.

Every team will have its own unique set of challenges, informed by the context in which it is operating.  That is why we provide two distinctive Team Effectiveness programmes, that we tailor to the specific needs of each team.

Our approach

We start each potential new assignment with a 1-1.5 days Strategic Planning process.  The main purpose of the strategic planning process is to support the whole team in making the business case for change. The team is encouraged to identify what team members individually and collectively do well, where they need to make improvements, and the cost and benefits of making improvements.

The strategic planning process usually takes the form of a half or full day workshop (depending on the size of the team) with the whole team and a series of confidential telephone conversations with all team members and the most significant stakeholders (e.g. line manager, customers).

Following the workshop and telephone interviews we send you a written report, setting out:

  • An analysis of the current situation, including the opportunities and challenges facing the team
  • Recommendations on the 2-3 key areas where the team should focus its change efforts for maximum impact and results

You can choose to break your engagement with The Art of Coaching at this stage and take forward implementation without external support.

However, we have found that most teams want to continue working with The Art of Coaching to benefit from the combination of external challenge and support, and the opportunity to learn new approaches.

We offer two Programmes for teams who want to significantly raise their performance, improve their productivity and effectiveness and achieve great results.

We offer two Team Programmes:

Programme 1 - The Emerson Suite Mobilised Team Effectiveness Programme

This programme provides a mobilised solution to help teams develop their effectiveness.  All team members have access to a mobile programme, which is available on their laptops, tablets and smart phones that enables the team leader and team members to quickly and easily maintain focus on team objectives and hold each other accountable.

The Emerson Suite is designed around a suite of tools and techniques to help build and grow team effectiveness.  These tools include:

  • Situational Sensitivity – so that team members know how to respond in every situation
  • Self-Awareness and Style Flexibility – so team members can choose the behaviours most appropriate to the situation
  • Situational Management – encouraging team members to have the courage and wisdom to make changes that will improve their situation/context
  • Job Effectiveness Plan – captures the core requirements and expectations of the team
  • Change Agenda – defines the focus of what needs to change within the team and/or wider organisation
  • Meeting effectiveness Planner – supporting team members to improve their effectiveness through better management and use of their time

Programme 2 - Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Team Coaching

The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Team Coaching programme has a single objective: to close the gap between where the team is and where the team needs to be.  The process begins with a review of the Team’s current performance, and the behaviours, barriers and blockages to higher team performance.

From here, the team works together to develop its business case for change.

The approach demands significant levels of courage from team members as they provide feedback on each other’s current performance and behaviours and make suggestions for how their colleagues could improve.

Team members hold each other accountable for following through on actions and commitments.

The programme is available over 6, 9 or 12 months.

Our 12-months programme includes a money-back guarantee.

Book your complimentary strategy session today to discover how you can help your team to be more effective