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I have received coaching from Lorna that was professional, focused and enabled me to achieve my goals but to also reflect on my future and aspirations, which helped to reinvigorate my career aspirations. As I was so impressed with my coaching with Lorna I decided to ask Lorna to undertake some work with my team as a whole, and to support me with creating a vision for the team but to also identify training needs. In addition staff received individual coaching, which made the team members feel valued, supported and nurtured their development. Lorna’s role has been valuable in supporting my development as well as that of the team.

Manny Sehmbi
Team Leader, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Helping leaders to learn, grow and get better at leading

  • Are you concerned about how to inspire people to implement change at pace?
  • Do you worry about the reputational risks of what you are doing or whether you are doing the right things?
  • Do you ever feel tested in terms of your ability to lead?

Even the most successful leaders have “long nights of the soul”.

Public sector leaders are expected to manage levels of change, diversity and complexity that are unheard of.  This can show up as stress, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm and stalled self-confidence.

Successful leaders want to know they are making a difference and having a positive impact. They want to have the capacity and confidence to manage the tension between doing the day job and planning for tomorrow. Above all, successful leaders recognise that being effective is not a one-off event but an ongoing process.

The Art of Coaching has worked with hundreds of leader-managers, over the past five years in industries and sectors as diverse as retail banking, local government, media and broadcasting, schools/education, criminal justice, and health services.

Three of the biggest challenges that they report are:

  • Setting and balancing priorities in a high-pressure environment
  • Building and leading teams
  • Time Management

“Time to think through the people issues”

“Time to stay current and up to date with developments and things that may be important for me to know”

“Time to plan rather than being reactive”

We support successful leaders to be even more successful by enabling them to gain the time and space they need to:

 Become the leader they truly inspire to be

 Systemically and strategically plan in a coherent way

 Gain encouragement to try new things, and the reassurance they are making a difference and having a positive impact

 Develop their personal resilience, confidence, self belief and optimism

 Take a step back and look at developments through a different lens

We help leaders to learn, grow and get better at leading through:

  • Being a sounding board
  • Acting as a strategic thinking partner
  • Asking powerful questions to enable you to tackle difficult issues at work and home that may be getting in the way of your success and effectiveness
  • Providing constructive feedback on derailing behaviours, blindspots and limiting beliefs
  • Supporting you to design actions and strategies and to make the necessary attitudinal shifts and behaviour changes

We know that asking for the help of an external coach can be difficult.

That is why The Art of Coaching has made it easy for you.  You can experience our coaching risk free and without obligation.

We provide a complimentary 45-minutes Leadership Discovery and Breakthrough coaching session where we will work together on your most pressing leadership challenge.

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