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About The Art Of Coaching

The Art of Coaching was set up by Lorna Shaw in July 2013, following a long and successful career in the local government and public sectors where she had leadership and management responsibility for significant change programmes.

Our core purpose is

Helping public sector leaders and teams to be more successful in a VUCA world by improving their leadership effectiveness.

Public sector organisations face the reality of having to continuously achieve more with less.

As a result, individual leaders and teams are expected to be more effective in order to meet the challenges of diminishing resources, changing demands and rising expectations.

The Art of Coaching works with public sector leaders and teams to:

✔ Manage their time more effectively to get the right things done

✔ Gain the clarity and focus they need

✔ Build resiliency to work effectively in a very chaotic world, where the stakes are high and potentially costly if they miss anything

✔ Develop behavioural flexibility, so team members can adapt their styles and approaches to different situations and projects

✔ Create the space for leaders and team members to think differently, reflect on their practice and stay current

✔ Develop their confidence and self-belief and continuously learn and grow

We know the sector faces severe financial constraints. That is why we have developed a set of high-value, cost-effective programmes to help leaders and teams improve their overall effectiveness and capacity to deliver better outcomes for key stakeholders.

We also provide a range of FREE resources, including online micro learning events and Lunch and Learn sessions, where participants are able to work on a pressing issue or challenge they are facing, engage in peer learning and exchange and gain new insights.

Download your free report where you will learn more about:
  • *What effective leadership looks like
  • *The practices of effectiveness
  • *How to evaluate your leadership effectiveness
  • *What can you do to improve your leadership effectiveness

I have received coaching from Lorna that was professional, focused and enabled me to achieve my goals but to also reflect on my future and aspirations, which helped to reinvigorate my career aspirations. As I was so impressed with my coaching with Lorna I decided to ask Lorna to undertake some work with my team as a whole, and to support me with creating a vision for the team but to also identify training needs. In addition staff received individual coaching, which made the team members feel valued, supported and nurtured their development. Lorna’s role has been valuable in supporting my development as well as that of the team.

Manny Sehmbi
Team Leader, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
I was looking for ways to improve what I do and coaching with Lorna seemed ideal…knowing it was time for me, that Lorna would listen and help me to look at things in a creative way. I believe I have a better relationship with my staff now than I did”.
Team Leader, Calderdale Council.

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