Women's Space Mastermind Series


Research evidence shows that personal growth and development is particularly vital to women’s happiness.  Women also gain more contentment through finding their place in the world, following their heart and doing what they love.

Yet a lot of women take little time to focus on their development, regarding it as self-indulgent to do so.

Women’s Space is the name of our Mastermind Series, designed for women who want to have more impact and influence in their communities, organisations and the wider world.

It is all about women supporting and transforming women. 

This is a group group coaching and Mastermind programme, Run over 6 months, which promises to give you success. 

But what does that mean really?

Success is going to be different for each of you.

It usually means making a difference for yourself and others in some way.  It covers both inner and outer success.  Inner success is about being the best you can be, and fulfilling your full potential.  Outer success is about achievement, productivity and results.

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