LifeBooster is a group coaching programme that aims to promote health and wellbeing by equipping participants with cutting-edge and personal development strategies to stir their senses and facilitate real and lasting change.

In today’s challenging world, we all need support to cope with life’s challenges.  

Participants will consider the fundamental questions of who they are, what they want from life and how they can get there.  They will explore their underlying values and beliefs and gain a sense of how understanding and perhaps adjusting these is the essence of self-awareness and can really accelerate learning and open the floodgates for change.

Participants will explore their barriers to change and more importantly, enable them to formulate strategies to overcome them.

The programme is delivered over ten weeks in order to give participants time to absorb new ideas and put them into practice in their lives.  Participants chart their progress and document their successes in their own ‘programme workbook’. This provides them with a lasting reference experience of positive change. 


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